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SRS Dives For A Solution And Delivers
SRS Dives For A Solution And Delivers

December 28, 2015

SRS Dives For A Solution And Delivers

Meeting challenging requirements, SRS’s rotary union was designed to integrate directly into a submersible vehicle designated to remove heavy barnacle build-up from underwater surfaces of ships and offshore platforms.

The rotary union is a key component in the steering linkage and supplies 3,000 PSI hydraulic fluid to power the motor on the all-wheel drive system that directs the vessel about the ship or platform.

SRS’s rotary union technology eliminates hoses from twisting and flexing as the steering gear rotates; therefore, improving the life of those interconnects.

“With close communication and trust, our team was ready and willing to adjust the design to accommodate for the customer’s design improvements while the new vessel was being developed,” said SRS Engineering Manager Bob Kwiatkowski.

The final custom solution leveraged SRS’s sealing technology, experience, and flexibility to meet all requirements needed to launch its first trial off the coast of Southeast Africa near Madagascar.

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Scott Rotary Seals (SRS) designs and manufactures custom and off-the-shelf fluid rotary timing valve and rotary union products for a wide range of industrial applications. SRS's fluid sealing products provide reliable transfer of liquids and/or gases from stationary supply lines to rotating equipment.

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