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Babbitt Bearing Services

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Babbitt Bearing Design, Manufacturing, & Repair Services

SRS provides Babbitt bearings designed specifically for your critical rotating equipment.

Babbitt bearings are commonly found in compressors, turbines, pumps, generators, electric motors and other industrial rotating equipment. The bearings are designed to support the weight of the shaft and to maintain its axial position. Components are machined to specific tolerances that allows the shaft to float on a thin layer of oil in between the bearing. This prevents metal-to-metal damage to the high-speed rotating shaft and the bearing.

SRS team members have over 35 years of combined Babbitt bearing design and manufacturing experience. This experience combined with our extensive in-house capabilities allow us to meet customer's application requirements for performance and delivery.

Babbitt Bearings Available

Journal Bearings

Journal Bearings - Tilting Pad (Ball / Socket & Rocker Back), Combination
  • Tilting Pad (Ball / Socket & Rocker Back)
  • Combination

Sleeve Bearings

Sleeve Bearings - Fixed Geometry, Combination
  • Fixed Geometry
  • Combination

Thrust Bearings

Thrust Bearings - Fixed Geometry, Tilting Pad, Self-Equalizing
  • Fixed Geometry
  • Tilting Pad
  • Self-Equalizing

All bearings are custom designed based on customer specifications and requirements. SRS can also provide recommendations on how to modify new and existing designs to maximize field performance.

See Custom Babbitt Bearing Examples

Size Range Pad Backing Material Surface Speed
Journal Tilting Pad (Ball / Socket & Rocker Back) Up to 8" Bore Bronze, Copper, Steel Up to 225 ft/s
Combination Up to 3.875" Bore Up to 330 ft/s
Sleeve Fixed Geometry Up to 10" Bore Bronze, Copper, Steel Per Custom Specification
Combination Up to 10" Bore
Thrust Fixed Geometry Up to 8" Pad OD Bronze, Copper, Steel Up to 180 ft/s
Tilting Pad
Self-Equalizing Up to 15" Pad OD
  • In-house Static & Centrifugal Babbitt Pouring
  • Dye-Penetrant Testing
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Repair of Tilting Pad Journal & Thrust Bearings
  • Reverse Engineering for Direct Replacements

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  • Engineered to Fit Customer Envelope Requirements and Extreme Operating Conditions
  • Short Lead Times When Required for Quick-Turnaround Projects
  • SRS Ball and Socket Tilting Pad Bearings Offer the Tightest Shaft Clearance Range of any Tilting Pad Design

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Designed and Manufactured SRS Babbitt Bearing Design & Manufacturing Experience Manufactured SRS Babbitt Bearing Manufacturing Experience

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All SRS bearing designs have passed vendor qualification requirements, including design reviews, 3rd-party witness inspections, and dynamic testing performed at customer facilities.

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