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SUL Single Flow Passage Rotary Unions

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SUL Series Rotary Unions

Rotary Union Info

  • 1 Flow Passage
  • Lightweight, Compact Design
  • Low Torque Seals
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • NPT or BSPT Thread Connections
  • Electrical Slip Ring Options
Part #Overall LengthBody DiameterPassage SizeConnection TypeThru-boreSlip Ring OptionGet Quote
SUL-51102.3801.5000.1561/8 NPTNoneGet Quote
SUL-52102.3801.5000.2501/4 NPTNoneGet Quote
SUL-54102.6301.7500.5001/2 NPTNoneGet Quote
SUL-56103.1302.7501.0001 NPTNoneGet Quote

NOTE: All dimensions are shown in inches.

Electrical slip ring options available

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Plating and Coatings
Body Material Type: Aluminum, Shaft: Stainless Steel, Housing: Red Anodize

Tapped holes are provided on the housing with male NPT thread connection for shaft mounting.

Media Types
Air, Gas

Max. Pressure *
600 PSI (40 BAR)

Max. Vacuum *
30 HG

Max. Rotational Speed *
up to 500 RPM

Temperature Range *
0° F to 220° F (-18° C to 105° C)

Min. Torque Required *
SUL-5110: 8 lbs-in
SUL-5210: 8 lbs-in
SUL-5410: 12 lbs-in
SUL-5610: 16 lbs-in

* Values are dependent on a combination of all application parameters.

Temperatures outside of the recommended range may require alternative seal materials. Please consult with SRS.

Download SUL Series Catalog
Part # PDF 2D Drawing (.pdf) DWG 2D Drawing (.dwg) STEP 3D CAD (.stp)

The SUL Series rotary unions are available with standard slip ring options (up to 24 circuits) for power, signal and data transfer.

Please let us know your electrical requirements and we can make a recommendation for the best slip ring to integrate with your SUL Series rotary union.

Electrical Slip Ring Information Needed:

  • Total Number of Circuits
  • Amperage Requirements per Circuit
  • Voltage Requirements per Circuit

Standard Electrical Slip Ring Options:

part # Circuits Amps/Circuit Voltage Lead Wire Length Capsule Length
EST6 6 10 600 36" 2.13"
EST12 12 10 600 36" 3.07"
EST18 18 10 600 36" 4.01"
EST24 24 10 600 36" 4.94"
ESET4²4(1x) Ethernet60036"2.130"
ESET8³8(1x) Ethernet60036"3.070"
ESET68³14(6x) 10A, (1x) Ethernet60036"4.010"
ESET128³20(12x) 10A, (1x) Ethernet60036"4.940"
ESET184²22(18x) 10A, (1x) Ethernet60036"4.940"

²100 BaseT Ethernet Connections
³1000 BaseT Ethernet Connections

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