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A Compact Solution For Automatic Capping
A Compact Solution For Automatic Capping

Case Study

A Compact Solution For Automatic Capping


A customer with specialized automated packaging equipment designed for plastic lid capping on consumer products wanted to retro fit their machines to reduce maintenance. The integrated hose system didn’t properly accommodate the equipment dynamics causing twisting and abrasive wear.


SRS’s engineering team worked directly with the customer to develop a compact solution to fit their existing envelope incorporating six 1/4” flow passages for pneumatic service and a 3” height restriction. The specialized shaft-mount rotary union integrated directly into the customer’s equipment.


SRS was able to provide the customer with a space-saving, reliable solution to meet their exact systems requirements. SRS’s compact design provides optimal pneumatic and vacuum service and provides lower maintenance for the capping operations.


  • Increase the output of the machine
  • Less machine maintenance and downtime due to less hose wear
  • Reduced length of pneumatic and vacuum lines by 50%

About SRS

Scott Rotary Seals (SRS) designs and manufactures custom and off-the-shelf fluid rotary timing valve and rotary union products for a wide range of industrial applications. SRS's fluid sealing products provide reliable transfer of liquids and/or gases from stationary supply lines to rotating equipment.

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