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SRS Partners with GreenBroz to Fight COVID-19 with New PPE Remediation System
SRS Partners with GreenBroz to Fight COVID-19 with New PPE Remediation System

May 15, 2020

SRS Partners with GreenBroz to Fight COVID-19 with New PPE Remediation System

Veteran-owned GreenBroz, Inc. located in Las Vegas, recently shifted their normal day-to-day operations in response to the nationwide shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

GreenBroz retrofitted one of their machine designs into a self-contained, portable remediator system to safely remove pathogens from used PPE including fabric coveralls, masks and gowns.

Cullen Raichart, CEO, GreenBroz (qtd. in Prall) said, "We were in a unique position to be able to shift our efforts to the design and production of a system which can address an immediate and urgent need in the midst of this current crisis."

The IGTCAN PPE Remediator system features a surgical-grade stainless steel construction with a capacity of 8 cubic feet. Its compact design makes it easier to fit onsite at healthcare facilities to eliminate the need to transport contaminated PPE to larger machines sometimes located on separate floors or outside buildings.

An EPA-registered and FDA-approved product called Gard’n Clean is the 99.9% ultra-pure chlorine dioxide (ClO₂) sterilant behind the cleanse effectiveness - along with other components including sensors and analyzers that confirm proper dosage delivery.

In order to pump pressurized ClO₂ from the storage tank into the washing machine-like drum, a rotary union or swivel joint is required.

Scott Rotary Seals (SRS) provided GreenBroz with an off-the-shelf solution to meet their immediate needs. Rotary unions use specialized seals to preserve and isolated media (liquid or gases) from escaping into the environment. For this application, SRS replaced the original O-ring seals with ones that will improve performance and offer a better chemical resistance against ClO₂.

"We want to be part of the solution and are excited that we have a prototype ready to go, and are currently seeking FDA Fast Track approval," said Raichart.

SRS will partner with their parent company Dynamic Sealing Technologies, Inc. (DSTI) for added production capacity to enable more rapid response to demand.

“The SRS team is proud to support our front-line heroes in the fight against COVID-19. Our partnership with GreenBroz to sanitize PPE is generating a lot of positive energy within our team and we're happy to be able to make a contribution,” said Brian Rodman, SRS General Manager.


Prall, Jaana. "Veteran-owned GreenBroz, Inc. Partners With Gard'n Clean to Build PPE Remediator in Response to COVID-19 Crisis" PR Newswire, Cision Distribution, 16 Apr. 2020,

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