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Improved Design Increases Production Output

Case Study

Improved Design Increases Production Output


A leading global OEM for rubber/plastic extrusion systems contacted SRS after their aging rotary union became problematic inside a planetary grinding machine; causing monthly unplanned downtime due to union maintenance.


SRS collaborated with the customer to develop a six-passage rotary union designed with specialized seals specific for each port's fluid type, replacing the "one size fits all" sealing system the previous rotary union used. Additionally, SRS's engineering team recommend an upgrade to the equipment's media filtration system as their current filtration was performing poorly causing premature seal wear which contributed to the rotary union failure. The new SRS design also reduced seal diameters resulting in dramatically increasing the life of the rotary union.


SRS's custom, reliable, and low-maintenance solution met all application requirements resulting in the customer achieving higher production output while significantly minimizing operation downtime.


  • Reduced equipment downtime due to improved sealing system design
  • Lower repair cost with the ability to rebuild the units with seal kits
  • Improved filtration system that extends the rotary unions service life
  • Custom service manual developed for easy rotary union maintenance and repair

About SRS

Scott Rotary Seals (SRS) designs and manufactures custom and off-the-shelf fluid rotary timing valve and rotary union products for a wide range of industrial applications. SRS's fluid sealing products provide reliable transfer of liquids and/or gases from stationary supply lines to rotating equipment.

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