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A Quick Solution For Pad Repairs On Thrust Bearing

Case Study

A Quick Solution For Pad Repairs On Thrust Bearing


Siemen’s Energy faced an urgent need for repairs on pads of a tilt pad thrust bearing, which had been installed in the oil and gas production operations on the North Slope of Alaska. Despite unsuccessful efforts to source spares from another project, Siemen’s Energy was left in an unfortunate situation, especially with the quickly approaching installation deadline.

Scott Rotary Seals (SRS) was tasked with quickly addressing the customers’ needs with an already extensive production schedule, presenting a significant challenge.


SRS and Siemen’s Energy collaborated and determined that the most efficient approach would be to puddle the pad followed by resurfacing/lapping. Followed by dye penetration testing to ensure a secure bond. Delivering on a solution in days instead of months.

The alternative, crafting a new pad, would involve producing an entire new set, given their centrifugal casting as a ring, potentially extending delivery time up to 10 weeks.


SRS repaired the pads and reassembled the bearing in 3 days. This kept the customer on schedule and prevented a costly outage that could have extended months.

SRS Capabilities:

  • Leading OEM manufacturer with the knowledge of the explicit tolerances and requirements.
  • Quick turnaround capabilities to stay on schedule and meet the needs of the client.
  • Expertise to prevent delays, outages and major issues.
  • Trusted by customers to support requests on projects. To include: quotes, updated drawing, answering technical issues questions and RTD deliveries.

About SRS

Scott Rotary Seals (SRS) designs and manufactures custom and off-the-shelf fluid rotary timing valve and rotary union products for a wide range of industrial applications. SRS's fluid sealing products provide reliable transfer of liquids and/or gases from stationary supply lines to rotating equipment.

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